Deanna DeShea Photography


Where the wild things are. 

A journey to Africa galvanized my passion for preserving species populations. Witnessing a poached elephants, habitat loss, and human-wildlife conflict, I am on a quest to bring awareness to the plight of these species. The last couple of years have been about capturing the beauty of the Earth's wild things.

Photography is about sharing my emotions. I want to write something profound and beautiful about the Earth. Imagine if art and beauty could change how humans think about conservation.

I have worked and traveled extensively to bring awareness and education to the plight of endangered species. In 2016, I helped the digital launch of the international campaign, 'I'm Not a Trophy,' founded by artist Arno Elias.

I support conservation groups throughout Austin, Africa, and worldwide. Each piece of purchase will donate 15% to conservation.


Renowned for its majesty and valor, the lion is graced with beauty and strength. Lions are threatened by habitat loss, poaching, human-lion conflict.
Slaughtered for trophies and tails, less than 80,000 giraffes remain in the wild.
An estimated 35,000 elephants are slaughtered every year for their ivory.
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